Understanding Our Usage & Licensing Rights

Our general creative rates include our simplified Standard Usage license for the content created to be displayed by the Client
for an unlimited period of time. No need to come back and re-license the content, it is yours to be used as needed. 

The only limitations to our standard license is when the content is to be used for larger uses such as; for broadcast TV,
large commercial displays, and full advertising use. These are considered Enhanced uses and will be quoted individually
based upon the specific needs of the project. 

Standard Usage - Included in our general creative rates.
Includes: Usage rights for Print & Web Marketing Collateral, Advertising (Local area ONLY), Publicity & PR, Editorial, Small Commercial Displays*, Packaging, Internal, & Social Media Uses. 

Extended Usage - Quoted Individually.
Includes: Usage rights for Advertising (Regional & National), Broadcast TV, Large Commercial Displays, and Point-Of-Purchase displays.

Usage & Licensing Definitions Overview

  • Print Marketing Collateral - When the work/s appear in a print format that the client produces and whose audience is the client’s customers or the general public. Ex: catalogs, brochures, annual reports, post cards, sales sheets, etc.

  • Web Marketing Collateral - When the work/s appear on the client’s own website, email marketing, blogs, or other web based content.

  • Publicity or PR - When the client submits the work/s to an outside publication (print or web) for editorial use and the client is not paying for that use.

  • Internal - When the work/s appear in any format that the client produces, whose audience is limited to the client’s employees or the client’s non-retail office locations.

  • Packaging - When the work/s are printed or displayed on the packaging for a commercial or retail product.

  • Social Media - When the work/s appear on the client’s own social media pages on platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

  • Point of Purchase or Point of Sale - When the work/s is included in a non-paid placement print or electronic indoor display for the purpose of promoting a product, service or corporation, within a third party retail space.

  • Commercial Public Display - When the work/s are displayed in a public place, such as; trade shows, events, posters, , etc. *Limited uses are defined as less than 36”in. on the longest side.

  • Advertising - When the client is paying for the placement of the work/s in whatever media it appears, such as in a magazine, billboard, periodical, or website. Because these uses can vary so widely they are quoted individually on a local, regional, and national/international scale.

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