Cost Sharing Overview

High-quality and creative architectural imagery of properties, real estate, and developments are investments that can benefit multiple parties within a single project.
Participating parties often include;

  • Architects

  • Construction Companies

  • Engineers

  • Developers

  • Landscape Designers

  • Interior Designers

  • Product Manufacturers

  • Property Owners

  • Sub-Contractors

  • And others...

Cost Sharing Example

Initial Client Project Cost: $5000

Additional Parties @30% each = $1500/party
Two Participating Parties @$1500/each = $3000
New Project Cost: $8000 ÷ 3 = $2667.

Project Cost Split Equally Three Ways -
Total Per Participant -$2667


Projects that have several parties interested in the final imagery may choose to enter into a Cost Sharing Agreement to cut down on their individual fees. Cost Sharing is beneficial to all parties involved on a project, as it helps split all the time and expenses.

When additional parties are involved in the project, the project cost is increased by a percentage for each additional paticipant and then total project cost is divided by the total number of participating parties.

To participate in a Cost Share/Multiple Client Usage agreement,
all parties must be included in the agreement before the
project is started.


Final Cost Sharing totals always dependent on initial cost of the project and final number of participating parties.

Third Party Usage is not granted to any additional parties that were not part of the initial agreement. Additional parties requesting use
of photographs after the project has started must negotiate directly with Adams Visual Communications.

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